My 1st IVF cycle!!!

I kept on thinking if I wanted to keep a blog…at first it was great but then the dread of people finding out was really hard for me to think about so I decided to not post about my first IVF cycle…I wrote it down so I could look back on it and remember when we conceived but sadly we got a BFN!!! 

This was my first IVF cycle:

DH – Nothing…sperm like a rock star, lol
Me – PCOS and slightly elevated thyroid



I was on vacation when I found out that my last IUI cycle failed so I was told by my Dr. that I could take a pregnancy test to confirm a BFN then start
birth control for 10 days.


Saline sonogram appt. – Went well with no issues…they did have a problem getting the catheter in that would be used during the transfer so she said we would have to try again later…they also found a 27mm cyst…I have to go back on Monday to see if the cyst has gone down…if not then I will be on the BCP longer…I also found out that my AMH level is 4.33 which is good and I have a slight Vitamin D deficiency (25)


Had blood & sono and my cyst went down to 20mm…I have to continue with the BCP’s since it is still too large…they want it to be under 14mm so I go back next Tuesday for more blood and & sono plus I have a repeat trial transfer with dilation which I am not looking forward too.. I hope that next week my cyst goes down enough…I also have to do a fasting glucose test again since my last one was on the high side…


We went to an IVF orientation seminar at RSofNY…interesting but pretty much knew the process…

I also had a meeting with the IVF nurse to go over everything and they were ordering for meds…it was over 1 hr long…went over the financing again since I have to get approved by GHI which they said should not be a problem but thats another thing to worry about…


Had blood & sono to confirm that my cyst/follicle was gone…and I also confirmed that I did ovulate while on BCP’s Chat Icon…it was gone…woohoo!!! my lining was 3.8mm so I got the call that I could stop BCP’s and I have to go back on Friday for another check and to start injectibles that day potentially!!!

They also did a 2nd trial transfer which I was really scared about because they were going to use dilaters…the doc first used an IUI catheter then they did an abdominal sono to see where the issue would be when they do the transfer…the issue was anterior due to the LEEP and cryo…they did not use the ET catheter since he said they would dilate me when they did the ER since I would be under anesthesia anyway…I was relieved that they didnt do it but I hope all goes well when they actually do the ET.

Also confirmed that I got IVF authorization so we are all set to start this weekend!!!


I Start Stims TONIGHT!!! I am really excited!!! Who would have thought that I would want to stick myself with a needle, lol!!! So they want me on 225iu of Gonal-F for 3 days and I go back on monday for monitoring…my fasting bloodwork came back normal so I dont need to be on the meformin thankfully…everything else looked good so I am happy!!!

Gonal F – 225iu


So I went in for blood and sono…I had one measurable (11mm) on my right ovary and one at 9mm on my left plus a bunch of small ones on both ovaries…they said all looked good and I should really “pop” soon..Got the call to lower my meds since my estrogen level was getting high and go back on Wednesday for blood & sono.

Gonal F – 187.5iu


Today I went in and I had 16 follicles…9 measurable follicles on the right ovary and 7 on the left. My e2 level is 1300 so they are reducing my meds and adding ganarelix tonight and tomorrow morning.

Gonal F – 150iu PM
Ganirelix – 250 AM & PM


Today I had 28 measurable follicles between 12-14mm!!!!!!!!!! On the right ovary 18 and 10 on the left. My gonal stays the same and ganarelix in the morning. My lining was about 9mm as well. My e2 level is 1852.

Ganirelix – 250 AM
Gonal F – 150iu PM


Today I had over 35 measurable follicles between 14-19mm!!!!!!!!!! The tech said she couldnt even measure them all since there were so many Chat Icon…On the right ovary 20 and 13 on the left. My gonal stays the same and ganarelix in the morning. My lining stayed the same around 9mm.

They also ordered my lupron trigger from kraupner’s and most likely will be having my ER on Monday. My meds are staying the same since I am progressing well and my e2 levels are within a normal range for the amount of follicles I have…that is a big sigh of relief!!! They lowered my meds since my e2 level was 2900.

Ganirelix – 250 AM
Gonal F – 75iu


Still had the same amount of follicles but who knows since they couldnt measure them all anyway but I was told I should be able to freeze which is a good thing… I was told depending on what my e2 level will be I would trigger tonight or tomorrow….My e2 level was 4000 so lupron trigger tonight at 10:30PM and ER is set for Monday at 9:30PM!!! I am happy to be done with injections…I hope I get good news on Monday.

Ganirelix – 250 AM
Lupron @ 10:30PM


They retrieved 35 eggs Chat Icon!!! I was in for about 40 min and I was pain when I got out so they had to give me extra pain meds…I got home

Estrogen 3x a day
Progesterone Suppository(400 mg) – 2x a day


Fertilization Report – 20 were mature and 7 fertilized…I am a bit bummed with that number since I had so many retrieved but what can you do…My 3dt is scheduled for Thursday @ 10:45AM but hopefully I can go to 5dt.


I spoke to embryology about what they think the issue could be and they said they really couldnt tell…since they did a “natural” IVF (BTW so funny they said that cause nothing is natural about IVF, lol) and they put sperm in a dish with my eggs and come back the next day and see if the “magic” happened…they looked at my DH’s sperm and it was still moving the next day plus his morphology was 9% which is good so they dont think that was it…my eggs also may not have been perfectly mature so that could have been the cause…they do recommend ICSI if we do need do IVF again so they will be able to tell more…not exactly what I wanted to hear but they said there really was nothing anyone could do and its just nature taking its course.


Got the call that we are going to a 5dt!!! I am so happy!!! I have to call embryology to see how many made it so far…1st hurdle is over now the wait continues…


We had the transfer yesterday…We ended up transferring one hatching blast grade was an easier decision once we knew had 2 blasts to freeze plus 3 more blasts that they were waiting to see how they progressed…if we only had 2 we would have probably transferred both but we are both happy with the decision and even the doctor said that it was a good embryo and he would recommend only transferring the one. I hope the next 9 days goes by quickly!!!


So I got the call that 4 embryo’s made it to blast and are frozen (1AA, 1AB & 2BB’s). I am happy to have some frozen!!!

I am really nervous, scared and excited about this chapter in our fertility journey…I hope that this what we need!!!


Confirmed that my Beta is negative…I am numb



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  1. hopefulandhungry
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 04:08:15

    Thanks for checking out my blog, sounds like we’ve had similar challenges. Are your cysts classified as endometriomas? I hope your FET goes perfectly and you get your BFP! This wait is the hardest part of the process for me.


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