My worst nightmare!!!

I was sitting on the couch and I saw that my pants were wet and I was bleeding… I went to the bathroom and a large clot fell in the toilet… I grabbed it out and called my hubby since I was freaking out… He called the RE and they said to lay down and keep the clot… I was not cramping and the bleeding stopped… I barely slept last night and we went to the RE this morning and all I could think of was the worst… I thank god that the baby was still there hb was 132…they saw a hemotoma but they think it will heal in a couple of weeks… No sex for 2 weeks at least… I was beyond scared and I am glad that everything is ok…I realized that anything can happen at any time…


Where are you from???

I am really curious to find out where everyone is from…are there any people around the world…I think there are some readers who are from around the world which is soo intriguing…I am from the United States…specifically from NYC…also for the U.S. readers which state do you reside in???

Sonogram #2 was today…

and I was a bit sad that hubby wasnt able to get out of a meeting to come with me so I was a bit anxious about going alone…I was hopeful to see a heartbeat since I am 6 weeks 6 days…well not only did I see it I actually heard it!!!  I cannot believe it…it was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard…it was 124bpm which is perfect for where I am now…I think now they say that once you hear the heartbeat you are at a reduced risk for a miscarriage so that really lifts a weight off my heart and shoulders…I know its not guaranteed but we have made it past another hurdle…I was told to make my first ob appt. for a week after my last sono which will be next Wednesday…I cannot believe that soon I will be like any other pregnant woman…I know its crazy to say that but going through IVF you do not feel like a “normal” person who can get pregnant without intervention…I am so excited!!!!!!!!

Here is the bean!!!

Happy Columbus Day!!!

Just want to wish everyone a happy Columbus Day… I have off from work today so it’s going to be a lazy day at home… Probably going to do some housework and food shopping… I love a 3 day weekend 🙂

Funny Friday!!!

Its Friday again and here are some funny pics I found…I hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!

I can see myself doing that lol

100%. to go back to being a kid again…summers off would be awesome

Do you think they did that on purpose???

That face is priceless!!!

I love spooning…maybe my hubby really doesn’t, lol

Called the RE…

I also called the dr. regarding my progesterone level and how I was concerned…they basically said when you are on the suppositories your uterus may be absorbing all of it and not getting into your bloodstream which is good but as a precaution they want to see my blood serum levels higher…they didnt seem concerned since I had no bleeding and cramping which would be a bad sign that my lining was shedding and I was miscarrying…also since the ultrasound was normal for where I should be with the low progesterone that is also a good sign…I hope this baby wants to stick around for the long haul..I caught myself talking to my stomach…I said we both want you so badly so please grow to be healthy and strong…I cannot believe we made it to the 6 week mark…I am dying to take pictures to track my progress but I am kinda scared that maybe this wont work…I guess its out of my control now so I should just embrace each and every moment that I am pregnant!!!

P.S. – So basically I have been nauseous for about a week now…its usually in the mornings when I feel the need to throw up or I actually do…I have found that crackers and ginger ale has been my meal of choice…yesterday I was feeling better and actually ate some soup for lunch and had a salad for dinner but today I am back to not feeling too hot…I am trying not to complain since the dr’s office said that is a good sign of a healthy pregnancy…

In the Womb Documentary

I found this National Geographic documentary about the development of embryos in the uterus…if you go to to the youtube link you will see that this it in 10 parts and in total its over an hour long…it is amazing and I would recommend watching it!!!

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