Today is my last post on my IVF journey blog…

Its sad but I think I am ready to start posting on my pregnancy after IVF blog…wow those words came out of my mouth…I cannot beleive that I am able to say that…its def been a long journey for us…hubby thinks its not that long but when you are going thru infertility each month your not pregnant feels like an eternity…I know by month 7-8 I was really down and depressed thinking that maybe we would never be parents and why this is happening…the whole woes is me attitude…I have def learned a lot about myself thru this journey…I have learned the following:

  • I am really a strong woman
  • I am also fragile
  • Life is really a roller coaster
  • To expect the unexpected
  • To not fault yourself for anything during the process
  • To have hope & faith
  • That I love my husband so much and he must love me to endure my craziness during this time

I cant say that its been a fun process but to finally get to the finish line is amazing…I think its like the tortoise and the hare…we took the longer path to get here but slow and steady has won the race to pregnancy…I am nowhere near the finish line which is when we get to hold our precious baby but we are as close as we have ever been and I am enjoying every minute of it!!!

If you want to follow my pregnancy blog this is the address:

Its called Our Work of A.R.T – pregnancy after IVF…I know the infertility community will get the pun on words but I consider myself an infertile survivor and I will never forget how we got here…Thanks for all the support guys!!! For everyone that is still on the journey keep on believing and never give up!!!!


Funny Friday!!!!!!!!!

Its rainy here in NYC so I hope these put a smile on your face like they did for me…

Too cute

Can you say sugar daddy?

More like a person who you dont mine being annoyed by for the rest of your life


She is wearing a tank top for a skirt, really???

I stopped Estrogen!!!

So I got the call to stop the estrogen yesterday…I was originally supposed to stop on Friday but I guess my levels were good enough that it wasnt necessary to continue…I am also supposed to stop the PIO in 16 days, 11/2, which will make me 10 weeks 2 days…I am kinda nervous about stopping cold turkey but my dr. said by that time the placenta will have taken over producing the hormones so it wont be necessary…I know I may sound crazy but to stop taking the shots is worrisome…At one point my progesterone was low at 4.2 and they had me start the PIO…my levels are normal now but what happens if they drop significantly and since I am not seeing a dr. every week this could be an issue…I may talk to my OB about it since I dont want to stop if there could be a potential problem…I know some women go until they are 12 weeks and others stop between 8-10…lets see what he says…

I graduated from my RE today!!!

I cannot believe that the day is here…we finally made it to 8 weeks pregnant today…I had my sono and the baby is measuring right on track and the hb is 155bpm…he/she is looking so much bigger and you can see the arm buds and everything…they checked for the SCH and it couldnt be found so they think it has been resolved…I still have some brown spotting but I feel good that its not there anymore…I have my first OB appt on 10/23 and my EDD is 5/29/13 which is 1 day before my hubby’s bday and 6 days after my bday…what a great present this will be to the both of us…I am now going to start tracking this pregnancy with a new blog since I dont know how anyone will feel about me posting about the pregnancy when they are struggling…I know I felt a bit jealous…I will post the new blog address for anyone who is still interested in following my journey…even though I am pregnant I still consider myself an infertile survivor!!!

This is how I feel right now!!!

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day…

The Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Movement began in the United States on October 25, 1988 when then-American President Ronald Reagan designated the month of October 1988 as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

The October 15th Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (PAILRD) Campaign began in 2002 as an American movement started by Robyn Bear, Lisa Brown, and Tammy Novak. Together, they petitioned the federal government, as well as the governors of each of the 50 states, and by October 15, 2002 (the first observance of PAILRD) 20 states had signed proclamations recognizing the date as such.

As a result of the American campaign effort, Concurrent Resolution H. CON. RES. 222 Supporting the goals and ideals of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day was passed in the House of Representatives on September 28, 2006.

The International Wave of Light invites participants from around the world to light a candle in honor of PAILRD, starting at 1900 hours please light a candle today, October 15 in your respective time zones, and leave the candle burning for at least an hour. The result is a continuous chain of light spanning the globe for a 24 hour period in honor and remembrance of the children who die during pregnancy or shortly after birth.

When will the spotting end???

So since I had the SCH I have had brown discharge/spotting since last week…I know its not bad since its not red but it gets annoying to see it…I just want it to be over… I have read that it is probably the SCH resolving which is good but to see any type of spotting sucks!!!  I cannot wait for Wednesday to come since I will have my 8 week sono!!!  It is bittersweet since that will be the last time I go to my RE’s office…I am happy and sad…

Funny Friday!!!

Another Friday is here…I found some funny pics for your enjoyment!!!

I wish I had this button sometimes

Back in the day…



I feel her pain!!!

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